A look ahead to… 1522

It is that time of year when people like to look ahead at the year to come. As an alternative, I thought that I would take a look at what we can expect in terms of 500yr anniversaries of English events.

By the standards of Henry VIII’s reign, 1522 was a relatively quiet year dominated by an alliance with the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and the start of a war with France.

Late May: Charles V arrives in Calais from where he crosses to Dover.

Late May-June: Charles V is entertained at the English court. The two kings spend time at Greenwich, in London, and at Windsor before Charles heads to the south coast to sail for Spain. Entertainment includes jousting, real tennis, and a play.

Mid-June: Charles V and Henry VIII agree the Treaty of Windsor. Under the terms of the agreement, the young Princess Mary will marry her cousin (Charles V) when she is 12 years old. Both kings commit to invading France in 1524 (though they can agree to attack earlier!)

End-June: Charles V sails for Spain with Lord Admiral Thomas Howard, earl of Surrey as escort. On his return, Surrey raids Morlaix.

August-September: Surrey leads an Anglo-Burgundian army which attacks northern France from Calais. Although destructive, there is no real military purpose to the campain.

And in other news….

In early March, Anne Boleyn makes her first recorded appearance at the English royal court. She takes part in the Shrovetide Pageant at York Place (Wolsey’s house) as “Perserverance”. Amongst the other ladies taking part are: Mary Brandon nee Tudor, dowager Queen of France and duchess of Suffolk; Gertrude Courtenay nee Blount, countess of Devon; Jane Parker; and Anne’s sister, Mary.

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