5 gift ideas for Tudor history fans

With Christmas fast approaching, there is still time to find the perfect gift for fans of Tudor history. But with so much available, what should you get for them? Read on for my five favourite gift ideas…. (I am not affiliated to any of these companies or products and have not been asked to promote them; these are my personal choices).

  • BOOKS. There are a wealth of books about the Tudor period, but my two recommendations for year would be: The House of Dudley by Joanne Paul which traces three generations of the Dudley as they rose under Henry VII only to fall at the start of Henry VIII’s reign, rose again to great heights under Edward VI only to fall again with Lady Jane Grey, then rose again with Elizabeth I’s favouritism of Robert Dudley; and Mary Rose by Alexzandra Hildred, a beautifully illustrated coffee table book which will interest historians, archaeologists, divers and convservationists as it explores the story of the Mary Rose from her construction and sinking, to her underwater excavation, raising, and preservation.

  • PUZZLE. For the history fan who also likes puzzles, there is the perfect gift in the form of this World of the Tudors jigsaw puzzle. Full of vignettes of Tudor history and life in the 16th century, this puzzle is packed full of historical easter eggs from Henry VII’s victory at the Battle of Bosworth to the funeral of Elizabeth I. It comes with a booklet explaining the history behind the illustrations.

  • FOOD AND DRINK. Perfect for stocking fillers are these Henry VIII and his wives chocolates, and this Hampton Court chocolate coin. If you are looking for alcohol, the Portsmouth Distillery (based in Fort Cumberland on Portsea Island) make a Tudor Gin. This gin is flavoured with the types of botanicals found on the wreck of the Mary Rose, and a contribution from every sale goes to the Mary Rose Trust.

  • EXPERIENCES. More expensive than the other items on this list but, for a truly unforgettable Tudor gift, there are a number of experiences available. The Mary Rose Trust offer three VIP experiences at different price points, the most expensive including a tour of the museum’s reserve collection (items not on regular display) and of the ship hall itself (the closest you will ever get to the timbers of the hull). Or, if you are buying for someone who likes to get their hands dirty, you could crowdfund DigVenture’s work at Sudeley Castle and secure a day digging with the team in the castle’s lost Tudor gardens (other dig options also available).

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