Hi and welcome to my website! I am a historian, researcher, and historic buildings consultant with a particular interest in the 15th and 16th centuries. I studied undergraduate history at Merton College, Oxford before doing a part time MSc in English Local History at Kellogg College/Oxford Department of Continuing Education. I then returned to full time study at Merton for my dissertation on Tudor noble identity and commemoration: the Howard family in context, 1485-1572.

I have worked as a production researcher for the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall, and as a consultant for the BBC iWonder Guides to Tudor England released to accompany the TV series; acted as advisor for an Usborne children’s biography of Henry VIII; and provided historical advice to Robyn Young for her New World Rising books.

In January 2020, my first book The Man Behind the Tudors, a biography of Thomas Howard, 2nd duke of Norfolk, was published by Pen & Sword.

In 2015, I co-founded Oxford Heritage Partnership, a historic buildings consultancy, with Natalie Merry. We specialise in the production of Statements of Significance, Statements of Need, and Heritage Impact Assessments for ecclesiastical projects and have worked on a wide range of listed churches; alongside this we also provide Heritage appraisals and impact assessments for listed domestic properties.

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