Hi and welcome to my website! I am a historian, researcher, and historic buildings consultant with a particular interest in the 15th and 16th centuries. I studied undergraduate history at Merton College, Oxford before doing a part time MSc in English Local History at Kellogg College/Oxford Department of Continuing Education. I then returned to full time study at Merton for my dissertation on Tudor noble identity and commemoration: the Howard family in context, 1485-1572.

In January 2020, my first book The Man Behind the Tudors, a biography of Thomas Howard, 2nd duke of Norfolk, was published by Pen & Sword. I have since made a number of podacast appearance talking about the 2nd duke of Norfolk and Tudor tombs, and have written several articles linked to my book. You can find links to all my media appearances here.

I have also worked as a production researcher for the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall, and as a consultant for the BBC iWonder Guides to Tudor England released to accompany the TV series; acted as advisor for an Usborne children’s biography of Henry VIII; provided historical advice to Robyn Young for her New World Rising books; and written several A Brief History of… episodes for the Tudors Dynasty podcast.

In 2015, I co-founded Oxford Heritage Partnership, a historic buildings consultancy, with Natalie Merry. We specialise in the production of Statements of Significance, Statements of Need, and Heritage Impact Assessments for ecclesiastical projects and have worked on a wide range of listed churches; alongside this we also provide Heritage appraisals and impact assessments for listed domestic properties.

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